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We want our students to be diversified personalities.

Association of Chinese Teachers (ACT)

The teachers of the Center are the members of the Association of Chinese Teachers, actively participate in the organization of scientific and scientific-methodological projects, speak at round tables on the methods of teaching the Chinese language. In turn, the Association of Chinese Teachers helps the Center in finding highly qualified teachers, conducts an examination of educational programs, members of the Scientific and Methodological Council, famous Russian sinologists, regularly read master classes for the students of the Center

The Center of Pedagogical Proficiency (CPP)

The founder of the school, provides methodological assistance and provides educational programs in core disciplines
UNESCO Academic Chair "Oriental and African Studies: Modern Methods of Study and Teaching" of the Institute of Asian and African Studies, Moscow State University

The Center of European and Asian Languages and the UNESCO Chair of IAAS MSU jointly hold round tables on the development of intellectual competitions in oriental studies. In 2018, the students of the Department of the Chinese language won prizes at the Oriental Olympiad for schoolchildren of the IAAS MSU, the main initiator of which was the UNESCO Chair. The management and staff of the department regularly conduct master classes and lectures on the topic of intercultural and intercivilizational dialogue for the students of the Center.
Publishing house "VKN"

The publishing house "VKN" is one of the leading Russian publishing houses specializing in the publication of educational and methodological literature for the study of foreign languages. The teachers of the Center publish their scientific and methodological works in the VKN
EDELSA Publishing House

EDELSA is specialized in publishing school materials and is known for its research activities in the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language. Among other activities of EDELSA publishing house are active development of intercultural and interethnic cooperation with other countries learning Spanish, as well as the organization of teaching seminars and conferences in order to train young teachers and exchange experience
Cervantes Institute

The Center of European and Asian Languages organizes cultural events in cooperation with the Cervantes Institute.
The Instituto Cervantes is a Spanish government institution with its main center in Alcala de Henares (Madrid), the hometown of Miguel Cervantes. The work of the Institute is carried out by Spanish and Latin American representatives of science, culture and literature.
Partner projects
Association of Olympiad Winners (AOW)

The staff of the Center of European and Asian Languages provide methodological support for AOW training courses, conduct an examination of training programs. Many AOW members carry out project activities with the students of the Center, conduct master classes in preparation for intellectual competitions in foreign languages, share their unique experience

Education Center "Coalition"

The Center of European and Asian Languages helps the education center "Coalition" in the development of curricula and methodological recommendations. These two educational institutions also actively cooperate in the field of organizing joint educational projects for the study of foreign languages. The education center "Coalition" provides technical and organizational support for the implementation of the Center's programs