Department of Middle Eastern Languages | Языковой Центр

Department of Middle Eastern Languages

Gerasimova Arina Andreevna

Head of the Department of Middle Eastern Languages

The Department of the Middle Eastern Languages Region of the Center of European and Asian Languages is a specialized department, which provides education in the field of Arabic language, as well as the culture and history of the Arab countries, including an introduction to the Islamic studies, which is an integral part of Arab-Muslim culture. The Department is also planning to launch courses in Hebrew, Farsi and Turkish languages.

The department was founded in February, 2021.The teachers are well-experienced tutors of Moscow State University. The department employs latest practices in the teaching process, while continue to maintain the teaching traditions of one of the oldest universities in the country.

Our teachers have completed internships abroad, and they are regularly searching for the most successful teaching models based on the examples of Russian and foreign higher educational institutions.

The important strategic directions of the department’s work are:

  • organization of innovative programs in Arabic language and regional studies of the Arab countries;
  • extension of the department by opening courses  of Turkish, Hebrew and Farsi languages with the corresponding regional studies;
  • organization of courses “Introduction to Islamic Studies” within the courses of the Middle East region history and culture;
  • establishing contacts with leading universities in the Arab countries, preparing students for internships to immerse themselves in the Arabic language;
  • establishing partnership with centers conducting intellectual competitions in the Arabic language in Russia and abroad, subsequent preparation of students for the competitions;
  • development of the scientific and methodological potential of the department staff.