Department of Korean and Japanese Languages | Языковой Центр

Department of Korean and Japanese Languages

Kolesnikova Alexandra Valerievna

Head of the Department of Korean and Japanese Languages

The Department of Korean and Japanese Languages of the Center of European and Asian languages is a specialized department of the Center that prepares future applicants for language exams at leading universities both in Russia and in the Republic of Korea, as well as for international exams, primarily for TOPIK – Test of Proficiency in Korean.

The department was opened in February 2021 in connection with the expansion of the Center, which, in turn, responded to the growing popularity and professional need for learning Korean and Japanese languages. Thanks to the intensive work of the teaching staff, the department has developed its own, unique course programs, and the author’s manuals on the language and regional studies of the Korean Peninsula are actively developing.

The department will focus on providing students with a unique course in practical Korean studies, including professional study of the Korean language in various fields (political, economic, military translation), which will be inextricably linked with a deep immersion in the history, economy and culture of the region being studied.

The taught course will be divided into aspects that correspond to the key sections of Russian and international exams – “Listening”, “Reading”, “Lexical and grammatical aspect”, “Writing skills”. To prepare students at the highest level, the “Speaking Skills” aspect will be available, including training directly with native speakers, and the “Regional Studies” course. In the future, as part of the training, various special disciplines will be taught, including “Hieroglyphics in the Korean language”, “Business vocabulary of the Korean language”, “Business writing skills”, “Economic geography of Korea” and others.

The department responds to modern educational trends and provides its students with online courses both for self-study and under the supervision of a teacher. It is planned to conduct lectures and seminars in an online format to reach a larger audience both in Russia and in international arena.

 The important strategic directions of the department’s work are:

  • organization of innovative programs in Korean language and regional studies of the countries of the Korean Peninsula;
  • high-quality preparation of students for state and international examinations in Korean language and culture of Korea;
  • development of innovative teaching methods